Using the SOAR Method for Effective Studying

The SOAR method is an effective studying technique that involves four steps.

  1. S - Survey the material by previewing chapters and sections.
  2. O - Organize the information by creating outlines, concept maps and lists.
  3. A - Ask yourself questions about the material as you study.
  4. R - Regularly review and recap what you've learned.

The benefits of using the SOAR method include:

Active studying
The method encourages an active approach to studying.
Higher retention
The techniques help commit information to long-term memory.

To apply the SOAR method when studying:

  1. Survey the material by previewing chapter headings and summaries.
  2. Organize the information using techniques like outlining or concept mapping.
  3. Ask yourself questions about key terms, concepts and ideas as you study.
  4. Regularly review and recap what you've learned to reinforce it.
  5. Test yourself to check your understanding and identify gaps.

In summary, the SOAR method provides a structured approach to studying that can boost retention and understanding.

By surveying, organizing, questioning and regularly reviewing the material, you can study more actively and efficiently.