Increasing spaced repetition of information using the application

How to start spaced repetition of information

  1. Set the interval from 2 to 12 hours.
  2. Enter category name (any).
  3. Add text and, if necessary, a photo.
  4. Now the application can be closed.
  5. Expect your first notification after a set interval.
  6. The second and all subsequent notifications will be sent to the phone after the current set time interval + 1 hour.

Application functionality

Functionality: adjustment of the increasing repetition interval; reset of the repetition interval; autonomy of the repetition interval; flashcards can be edited; text and photo can be added to the flashcard. Add as many flashcards as you want.

Additional functionality

Additional functionality: export and import of information from your own online database; search through existing information.

For free

  1. + You can add as many information cards as you like.
  2. + You can add text and a photo to the card. Or just text.
  3. + Card information can be edited.
  4. + All information cards are stored only on your smartphone.
  5. - Advertising only when adding and editing information


  1. + For free
  2. + Without advertising
  3. + Adding and editing information in a card without the Internet

Download the app to your smartphone

You can download the application with an increasing interval method of repeating information on Android and iOS.