Increasing spaced repetition of information using the application

How to start spaced repetition of information

  1. Set the interval from 2 to 12 hours.
  2. Enter category name (any).
  3. Add text and, if necessary, a photo.
  4. Now the application can be closed.
  5. Expect your first notification after a set interval.
  6. The second and all subsequent notifications will be sent to the phone after the current set time interval + 1 hour.

Application functionality

Functionality: adjustment of the increasing repetition interval; reset of the repetition interval; autonomy of the repetition interval; flashcards can be edited; text and photo can be added to the flashcard. Add as many flashcards as you want.

Additional functionality

Additional functionality: export and import of information from your own online database; search through existing information.

For free

  1. + You can add as many information cards as you like.
  2. + You can add text and a photo to the card. Or just text.
  3. + Card information can be edited.
  4. + All information cards are stored only on your smartphone.
  5. - Advertising only when adding and editing information


  1. + For free
  2. + Without advertising
  3. + Adding and editing information in a card without the Internet

Download the app to your smartphone

You can download the application with an increasing interval method of repeating information on Android and iOS.

Boost habits for telegram

A stripped-down version of the Habit Boost app for Telegram Telegram bot – Habit Boost.