Using Anki to Master Vocabulary

Anki is a powerful spaced repetition flashcard program that can help you master new vocabulary quickly and efficiently. Here are some tips for using Anki to learn vocabulary:

  1. Create flashcards with the word, part of speech, definition, and example sentence. This provides context and reinforcement for the word's meaning.
  2. Add image and audio. Include a picture to associate with the word. Record yourself saying the word and definition aloud for an extra memory hook.
  3. Start with a small number of new cards each day. Add 5-10 new words, and review previous cards. Gradually increase as you get used to the system.
  4. Focus on words you encounter in real life. Add words you see in books, articles and conversations that you want to incorporate into your active vocabulary.
  5. Test yourself without looking at the definition. Cover the definition side and try to recall the meaning before checking. This strengthens your memory of the word.
  6. Space out reviews over time. Anki's algorithm will space out reviews of cards based on how well you remember them.

Anki makes it easy to organize your vocabulary by topic, part of speech, difficulty level and more. You can also tag cards and filter your reviews to focus on specific areas.

With consistent use, Anki's spaced repetition system and active recall approach can help you master new vocabulary quickly and retain it for the long term.