How to Use the Spaced Repetition Method for Vocabulary

The spaced repetition method is a powerful technique for memorizing vocabulary and other information.

  1. SRS systems show you flashcards at increasing intervals based on your performance.
  2. You review words you're struggling with more frequently and words you know well less frequently.
  3. This spacing of reviews over time maximizes your memory of the information.

The benefits of using spaced repetition for vocabulary include:

Long-term retention
Studying words in spaced intervals helps commit them to long-term memory.
Regular reviews lead to automatic recall of words and their meanings.

To use spaced repetition for vocabulary:

  1. Make flashcards with the word, part of speech, definition and example sentence.
  2. Review your flashcards daily in an SRS app or program.
  3. Mark words you know well so the system spaces out your reviews of them.
  4. Focus your attention on words you struggle to remember.

In summary, the spaced repetition method can be highly effective for learning and retaining new vocabulary. By reviewing words in increasing intervals, you can commit them to long-term memory with less total study time.