How to Use Spaced Repetition for Exam Preparation

Spaced repetition is a learning technique that involves reviewing information at gradually longer intervals. It can be very effective for exam preparation by helping you:

Here are the steps to use spaced repetition for exam studying:

  1. Make flashcards for important facts, concepts, formulas, etc.
  2. Review the cards in small batches every day.
  3. Test yourself without looking at the answers.
  4. For cards you remember well, space out subsequent reviews.
  5. For difficult cards, review them more frequently.
  6. Use an app or software to automate the spacing.
  7. Continue reviewing up until the exam date.

You can also use spaced repetition for:

The key is to start early and review information multiple times at increasing intervals. With consistency, spaced repetition can boost your retention of course material and help you achieve your best possible score on exams.