The Benefits of Teaching Yourself

Teaching yourself through self-study has several advantages over traditional classroom learning:

  1. You study at your own pace. You can speed up or slow down based on your understanding.
  2. You choose your own topics and curriculum. You study only what interests you.
  3. You develop self-motivation and discipline. You have to push yourself to keep learning.
  4. You gain life-long learning skills. You learn how to be an effective self-directed learner.
  5. You develop creativity and critical thinking. You have to synthesize information on your own.
  6. You can study anywhere, anytime. You have maximum flexibility in when and where you learn.
  7. You save money on tuition. Many great resources are available for free online.

Some tips for effective self-study include:

The benefits of teaching yourself go beyond the immediate knowledge gain. Self-study can help you develop skills that serve you for a lifetime of learning.