Strategies for Beating Procrastination

Procrastination is a common problem that can seriously impact your productivity, performance and wellbeing. Here are some strategies to help you beat procrastination and get things done:

  1. Break tasks into small steps. Create a to-do list of specific, actionable steps you can complete in 5-20 minutes. Cross items off as you go.
  2. Set deadlines. Give yourself firm deadlines and commit to meeting them. Tell others about your deadlines to increase accountability.
  3. Tackle the hardest task first. Get it out of the way while your willpower is highest in the morning or after breaks.
  4. Remove distractions. Turn off notifications, close apps and put your phone in another room while you work.
  5. Use the two-minute rule. For any task that takes two minutes or less, just do it now instead of putting it off.
  6. Reward yourself. Give yourself a treat after completing tasks to reinforce positive behavior.
  7. Reframe how you think. Remind yourself that procrastination only makes things harder, while action moves you forward.

You can also build habits with increasing spaced repetition that help prevent procrastination, like scheduling time for tasks, automating reminders and practicing mindfulness.

With consistent effort and a plan, you can overcome procrastination and develop a more productive mindset focused on taking action and achieving your goals.